• Finally, there is a recording studio in Houston, TX who treats every project as if it were their own. Cash Guerilla Recording and Video Production Studios opened their doors to provide artists/musicians of all genres and companies with a studio that they can call home.


      Recording is more than just pushing buttons. It is about quality, growth, andreaching your goals. At Cash Guerilla Recording and Video Production Studios, clients can count on feedback and creative collaboration with engineers in a professional studio at an affordable price. They pridde themselves on taking the necessary time with each client so they don’t feel rushed. This way they will have a positive recording experience while bringing their dreams to life during their session.

      With over 25 years of combined experience in the recording industry they are staffed with engineers who understand the needs of their clients. Cash Guerilla Recording and Video Production Studios was built to be a vehicle for artists/musicians who want to become noticed in the music industry and for companies who need great quality audio/visual exposure for their business.

      Using Pro Tools and great recording equipment, Cash Guerilla Recording and Video Production Studios has brought a very much needed operation to the Houston area which includes: professional and affordable recording, mixing, mastering, music video production, album covers, photo shoots andmore.

      In the spring of 2015 Cash Guerilla Recording and Video Production Studios expanded their services beyond recording to include mixing, mastering, videos, and photo shoots.

      • Every project is a high priority.
      • Clients can expect great communication and feedback regarding their session.
      • Professionalism and great customer service is a guarantee.

      Opened in April of 2014, Cash Guerilla Recording and Video Production Studios is excited to continue their mission of capturing and engineering quality services for musicians/artists and companies of all levels to share with their clients, fans, and music lovers.

    • Get your project recorded the RIGHT way at Cash Guerilla Recording Studio.  Our engineers work quickly and efficiently while constantly paying attention to every detail in your project and being sensitive to the needs of your songs.

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    • Mixing is one of our specialties here at Cash Guerilla Recording Studios, and our goal when mixing is to give each song the attention to detail it deserves in order to make it stand out from the crowd.

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    • Our Video production services consist of processing and creating videos by capturing moving images and creating combinations and reductions of parts of your video in live production and post-production with a professional video editing finish.

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